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Our Centre is located in a former Court House building in the centre of Rhyl in North Wales.
We have excellent meeting and training facilities as well as project offices for larger undertakings.

Our aim is to improve prospects for businesses of all sizes.

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About Collaboration

Collaboration is all about managing risk in a modern supply chain..

Business collaborations are typically project based and as such have a clearly defined aim, some boundaries and an end point – the challenge is how to get there….

What is Collaboration?

The word “Collaboration” is commonly misapplied and misunderstood – the first trap is to believe that an informal arrangement will work.

What is collaboration
Always clearly define the aim, boundaries and end point
Almost all informal collaborations fail at an early stage











Collaboration or Aggregation?

Aggregation – that is buying or selling collectively to achieve larger volumes is perfectly valid  – however these arrangements are often inaccurately referred to as “collaboration”.

Collaboration infers joining together and acting as a single organisation to achieve a shared goal.

Cultural Revolution

Your first successful collaboration will require nothing short of a cultural revolution.
It is therefore essential to gain full active support from the proprietors or senior managers in your organisation to ensure proper delegation and an understanding of important aspects such as information sharing.

Collaborative Working is described as an eight stage process, however the behaviour and culture underpinning the process is of critical importance and is not instinctive.

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